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oola Proxy Extension

Convenient extensions to help you get your day to day work completed ahead of the competition.

Millions of IPs

Search by Country or City and instantly change your IP location.

Private Proxies

The extension allows you to proxy via home ISP IP's. These IP's will not show as Tor or Proxy's.


" We provide you with productive software so that you can stay ahead of your competitors. "

Our Story

oola is part of the VPNSecure group of companies providing encrypted network, ip changing and Smarter DNS solutions since 2010.

Our combined knowledge of the industry allows us to provide intelligent software.


We wish to enhance your online experience and provide software that helps you stay ahead of your competitors with innovative solutions. We focus on customer service and provide 24/7 help so we are here when you need us.


An open internet is a safe internet. The internet is made up of users however the increasing presence of government rules and regulations are restricting the internet's growth. VPNSecure group of companies aims to resolve these issues by creating a more open internet.

IT Ninja's

We are made up of a group of industry experts that have worked on projects in a wide range of industries including Payment processing, Online Casino's, Corporate Networks, Data Centers and Internet Service Providers.

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oola for chrome comes with tons of features

Set your IP to change at specific intervals from easy to use keyboard shortcuts.